Channel Registration

At the present time, we are also processing channel registration requests immediately upon request online in #channels (as long as a channel service member is available). You may also choose to submit the following application.

Name: Enter your real name here.

Nick: Your IRC Nickname.

E-Mail: Your e-mail address. No free email addresses such as hotmail, geocities etc. Doing so will be an automatic rejection of your channel registration. We need your actual ISP email address (must be the email address that is assigned by an internet service provider, the provider you call into to get online).

Whois: Type /whois yournick (while you are on Starlink) & put the first line from that info in this box.

Secondary Whois: This may be left blank if you are unsure how to do it.

Channel: Enter your channel name (You may only register ONE channel).

Purpose: Describe the topic of discussion of your channel.

NOTE: Channels whose owners have not logged on & auth'd with their level 500 hostmask in their channel for 30 days will be removed from the Mars database.

(please click the Submit button only once)

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